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Blind murder in PS City Rajpura solved in 2 days, main accused and 2 accomplice arrested.

Patiala (Raftaar News Bureau) : DSP Rajpura Akashdeep Singh Aulakh informed that On 4.6.2020 at around 7 PM Sarpanch of village Shamdu Camp Rajpura Smt. Kanta Rani submitted a complaint regarding her missing son Lalit kumar at PP Focal Point Rajpura.

In her plaint she stated that she suspects that some persons namely:

1. Bittu S/O pappu R/O Bihari Lal.
2. Darshan @ Bittu S/O Pappu Lal R/O village Shamdu camp.
3. Arjun S/O Bihari Lal R/O Shamdu camp.
4. Delu @ Nepali S/O Chhabi Lal R/O Nalas Road Rajpura.

might have killed her son Lalit Kumar.

Thereafter Incharge PP Focal Point Rajpura and SHO City Rajpura started the investigation regarding the disappearance of Lalit Kumar.
During investigation 2 persons namely Arjun and Darshan were apprehended.
On enquiring Darshan suffered his statement that on 02.06.2020 at around 11 PM, he along with Delu, Suraj, Sanjay and Lalit (deceased) were drinking & under the influence of alcohol.

At around 2 AM on 03.06.20 they all started beating Lalit.
Thereafter Delu @ Nepali, Suraj and Darshan took him on their Honda Activa and reached at Nehar Khedi Gandian. There they again beat Lalit and during this scuffle his shoes got removed and then from there they pushed Lalit into the Nehar. Lalit’s shoes have also been recovered from the site.

The reason behind this incident is that a month ago Lalit made a compromising video with a girl who is sister of one of the accused, Suraj S/O Bihari Lal and made that video viral in the village.
Suraj could not tolerate it and decided to kill Lalit and went on to implement his plan & thus succeeded in killing him with the help of other accused.

Body of deceased Lalit Kumar has been recovered from Jansui head, Haryana.
Suraj, Darshan and Sanjay have been arrested & police is on a lookout for Delu who will also be arrested very soon.

FIR No 131 u/s 302, 201, 120B has been registered at PS City Rajpura and further investigation is being carried out by SI Saurabh Sabharwal, IO.
DSP Aulakh also informed that this is 29th blind murder case that has been traced in district Patiala since Sh Mandeep Singh Sidhu took over as SSP Patiala and that no blind murder case has been left as untraced.

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