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WAN-IFRA announces virtual training for Indian journalists

   Delhi (Raftaar News Bureau) :- WAN-IFRA launches a new training programme for journalists in India supported by Learn with Facebook Journalism Project. The programme is designed to help journalists work in the new circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conceptualised to be completely delivered in virtual learning mode, the training programme which comprises webinars and one-to-one virtual coaching will impart skills in digital storytelling.

This six-part virtual learning programme will be held from 27 May to 2 July and focus on digital skills development for journalists. It will give participants insights about writing for the digital medium, thinking visually about content, making their stories discoverable and using tools to increase productivity. The programme schedule is as follows:

  • Writing for digital, 26-27 May
  • Digital Marketing for journalists,3-4 June
  • Thinking visually about content, 10-11 June
  • SEO best practices, 17-18 June
  • Build your personal brand on social media, 14-25 June
  • Productivity tools for project management, 1-2 July

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the news media industry like never before. And the role of news publishers as the authentic source of news has become more important than ever. During these times, it is imperative that the journalists upskill and equip themselves to address the information needs of the society. We are happy to partner with Facebook Journalism Project to address this skill gap and to play a part in helping the industry face the new challenge” said Magdoom Mohamed, Managing Director of WAN-IFRA South Asia.

Each module will be taught by leading industry experts and veterans including Prem PanickerAlok AgarwalVeda Shastri, and Sunil Prabhakar.

“Journalists are working under challenging conditions to keep people informed during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, these tough times also call for new skills to be learnt. Through this initiative, with WAN-IFRA, we are reiterating our commitment to supporting the news industry and journalism”. said Harsha Subramaniam, Head of News Partnerships, India, Facebook.


Participants will also get additional one-to-one coaching sessions to apply the learning in the class to real life.

The programme will follow a webinar format on day 1, open to journalists in India. Day 2 will see one-to-one virtual coaching for a limited number of participants. At the end of the programme, participants selected for one-to-one coaching will showcase their projects. The best five projects will win a pair of tickets each to attend WAN-IFRA India 2020 – Future of News Summit on 23-24 September in Chennai.

The participants can follow the webinar live on Facebook Live. Details will be shared following registration.


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